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All of our teaching staff are highly qualified and have PhD degree from various universities. Most of these staffs have experiences also in industry. List of the staffs:


Adang Suwandi (Prof. ITB, Dr. ustl, France)

Adi Indrayanto (PhD, UK)

Arif Sasongko (Dr. Grenoble, France)

Armein Z.R.Langi (PhD.Univ.Manitoba, Canada)

Basuki R.Alam (PhD.Leigh Univ., United State)

Budi Rahardjo (PhD. Univ. Manitoba, Canada)

Eniman Y.Syamsuddin (PhD.UMIST, England)

Iman Idris (Dr.Eng. TIT, Japan)

Kastam Astami (PhD. Univ. Manchester, England)

Mervin T. Hutabarat (PhD.UCL, England)

Richard Mengko (Dr.Grenoble, France)

Sarwono Sutikno (Dr. Eng TIT, Japan)

Tati R. Mengko (Prof. Dr. Grenoble, France)

Trio Adiono (Dr. Eng. TIT, Japan)

Waskita Adijarto (Dr. ITB, Indonesia)

Yusuf Kurniawan (Dr. ITB, Indonesia)

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